Kids-e-Dental LLP

    Kids-e-dental is not just a company, it is an emotion as our products are used in children’s oral health. With dentistry around the world moving towards preventive and esthetic dentistry, Kids-e-dental products are in great demand. Also, parents’ awareness about their kids’ oral health can be obtained through social media. Therefore, the need for pediatric dental treatment is increasing for both esthetics and preventive dentistry. 

What are our aims?

We carefully listen to the needs and demands of the dental industry around the world and continually improve our products. We care about high quality and proper service. 

We aim to develop research-based products utilizing the knowledge and vision of the best professionals in the world. Our best recommendation is that high-quality Kids-e-dental products are confirmed by dentists, our products have given smiles to millions of children around the world.

What are our values?

We are already recognizable in over 15 countries. 
Our distributors and dentists value us for unchanging quality, proper service, and positive energy. We share our knowledge and experience with them to facilitate the registration and sale of materials.

We are flexible and open-minded, which is essential when creating the value of our brand in a given country. Cultural and moral difference are no limitations for us, they are our inspiration.

Journey of Kids-e-Dental

Exclusive Distributor

Caliham Co., Ltd

The Kids-e-dental’s exclusive distributor, Caliham Group is based in Thailand and specializes in medical device sales and market entry services. For over 15 years, Caliham has taken on many challenges in the fields of Medicine, Agriculture, Education, and Infrastructure to bring new products and technologies to the Southeast Asian market. We are proud of what we have accomplished and continue to strive to be the trusted partner of our customers and suppliers.

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